Our Values

Famille ICARD has always been strongly committed to its values, and makes it a point of honor to respect and promote the values that make its different estates so unique. Shared by all our employees, these fundamental values are expressed daily in our actions and commitments.

Creativity and innovation

Famille ICARD stands out for its creativity and innovative spirit, positioning itself as a modern, dynamic and trend-setting company in the wine industry.

Our ongoing research and innovation enable us to develop new wine ranges in line with the demands of new consumers (Les Parcellaires, Cépages en Duel, Éphémère, Expression, and many others…).

Our ability to shake up codes and surprise with original packaging is perfectly illustrated by our exclusive licensing contracts. By partnering for over 20 years with an iconic personality like Philippe Geluck, for the “À la Gloire du Chat®” and “Rosé Canicule®” ranges, as well as having an innovative agreement with the Smiley® license since 2018, we transform the pleasure of wine into a modern and accessible adventure.

Our dynamic approach and our ability to integrate innovation into every aspect of our business make Famille ICARD a key player in the evolution of market trends, while valuing our heritage, authenticity and traditions.

The human

The vibrant heart of Famille ICARD lies in the undeniable importance we place on each and every member of our team. Men and women, all united by their passion and dedication, shape the face of our success.

We are committed to reducing the drudgery of each task as much as possible, by investing in automated equipment in the winery and ensuring that our vineyard workers have ergonomic tools and the latest generation equipment. Our commitment to safety and well-being is demonstrated through special listening sessions, preventive meetings and collective activities that nurture bonds between our teams.

Our team is our wealth, and we maintain a policy of equality, diversity and non-discrimination, where each individual is valued for his or her skills and contribution. With their remarkable stability and ongoing training, our employees are at the heart of our growth, helping to implement our values and realize our vision of excellence. Thanks to this policy and these various initiatives, in 2022 we obtained the CSR label as part of the “Bordeaux Cultivons Demain” collective initiative.


Passing on our heritage and the values rooted in our terroir is a core value for the ICARD family. We are reinforcing this desire by structuring the company to meet future challenges, while gradually involving the new generation.

Our values – creativity, human development, knowledge sharing and respect for the terroir – guide our actions. We share our knowledge by collaborating with experts, taking on trainees and participating in local life. By promoting local employment, we strengthen our ties with the community and act in harmony with our terroir.

The environment

At the heart of our company, protecting our terroir and reducing our impact on the environment are essential values. We take care of our land by dedicating a very significant proportion of our properties to natural areas, including wooded edges, to support plant and animal life.

Our vineyards are home to dozens of species of animals and plants. Every year, we sow varieties of melliferous flowers that help bees and other insects to feed and pollinate. We are striving to adapt to climate change, and have planted grape varieties such as Petit Verdot and Carménère, whose maturity is perfectly suited to current conditions.

In the vineyard, we practise integrated vineyard management, reducing phytosanitary treatments as much as possible.

In the winery, recycling, the use of environmentally-friendly dry matter and energy efficiency are our daily concerns. Our ISO14001 Environmental Management System and HVE 3 certifications are proof of our commitment to preserving our land and reducing our impact on the environment.

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