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One of the greatest assets of Famille ICARD vineyards is its history, characterized by centuries of winemaking practices. Owned by the family since 1790, its members now wish to desacralize the world of wine by offering modern products.


Boutet family, the ancestors

The first owners of the estate appear in a notarial deed. The Boutet family settled in the commune of Saint-Félix, in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, as shown on the Napoleonic cadastre extract of 1829.


Jean Boutet,
the estate's founder

Between 1802 and 1855, the estate was extended by Jean BOUTET.
His daughter Anne married Jean SERIZIER in 1832, who later became mayor of Saint-Félix.


The Boutet-Serizier family
settles in Jardinet

In 1855, the BOUTET-SERIZIER family decided to acquire the Jardinet house, which they transformed into a plush residence on the Langon road. in Sauveterre-de-Guyenne.


Acquisition of the

Anne and Jean SERIZIER’s daughter, Anne Pauline SERIZIER, married Eugène GUITARD, heir to an old family of notables. It was at this time that they acquired the Bel-Air windmill, opposite the Château.


Wedding Thérèze Guitard-André Icard

Thérèse Guitard, daughter of Anne Pauline and Eugène, marries André Icard, heir to a local line of lawyers.
The couple continued to run the estate, ensuring a successful handover between the 19th and 20th centuries.


Henry Icard, the heir

Henry ICARD, grandson of Anne Pauline and Eugène and sole heir, finds himself at the head of a substantial estate. After brilliantly distinguishing himself during the First World War with the rank of captain, he was decorated́, in 1920, with the Légion d’Honneur and the Croix de Guerre for acts of bravery. He then decided to return to civilian life to devote himself to management. of the propertý of Saint-Félix-de-Foncaude.


Jacques and Pierre Icard
modernize the estate

His two sons, Pierre and Jacques ICARD, succeeded him at the head of the estate, which they modernized by introducing farm mechanization.


Jean-Christophe Icard breathes new life into the estate

Jean-Christophe ICARD, Pierre’s son, took over at the age of 23. Following in the footsteps of his 19th-century ancestor, Jean Boutet, he set about building up a flourishing estate, Château de l’Orangerie*, which he managed with serenity and dynamism.
* refers to a room in the house where orange trees used to be protected from frost in winter.


Purchase of Château de La Sablière-Fongrave: the vineyard expands

Acquisition of Château de la Sablière Fongrave from the Perromat family, in the commune of Gornac, 5 kilometers from Château de l’Orangerie.


Renovation of the Moulin de

As part of the family’s heritage program, the Bel Air mill was restored in spring 2017, returning it to its former splendor.


Mathias Icard brings
youth and dynamism!

With a wealth of experience in the international wine trade, Mathias ICARD, son of Jean-Christophe, joins the Vignobles ICARD team. In turn, it breathes new life into the challenges ahead.


Purchase of Château Gandoy-Perrinat: opening up to the future

Acquisition of Château Gandoy-Perrinat,
one of the region’s flagship wineries, in the commune of Sauveterre-de-Guyenne,
5 kilometers from Château de L’Orangerie.


new offices

A new era begins with the construction of new offices with contemporary architecture, reflecting the values of Famille ICARD.


A new identity: Famille ICARD

New “ICARD Family” brand image, to unite all areas and prepare for the future while demonstrating the spirit of transmission.

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